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6 to 7 December 2022




2 Days

About the Course

This course is designed to provide the participant/s with the skills and knowledge required to identify electrical hazards in the workplace and control the risk these pose.

These electrical hazards may range from “low voltage” to “High Voltage” and those working in close proximity to live electrical infrastructure to switching and isolation of electrical supply.

The participants will gain an understanding of the potential impact of electric shock on the human body and requirements in relation to electrical incidents.

The participants will be introduced to the processes, e.g. arc flash calculations, transformer fault calculations, PPE ,e.t.c., and how best to implement and utilise this knowledge correctly.

This course is applicable to experienced operators, technicians, supervisors, and those in similar roles who undertake electrical work or work in proximity to live electrical infrastructure/ or who assist in these activities.

Designed For

• Safety Managers /Officers

• Personnel Officers

• Production /Operations and Maintenance Managers

• Engineers

• Supervisors

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