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5 Days

About the Course

EHV and HV Substations play an important role in the electric power systems. A properly planned and designed substation is essential for the reliable operation of a power system network. A new substation would need to be built to meet the requirements of growing load and operation under changing competitive markets. Upgrading of existing substations would require a comprehensive knowledge of the substation as well as the power system. This course covers all aspects of 500kV, to MV as integral part of EHV, voltage substation design including regulatory requirements and general design considerations from feasibility through technical specification and tendering to the detail design. Practical understanding of planning, design, technical specification application and a step-by-step approach of the substation design process is explained as well as details of design documentation for each design stage. Health & safety and environmental issues relevant for the design are covered in this comprehensive course. Specifics aspects of underground substation requirements and their construction are highlighted throughout the course from planning, safety requirements to the technical specifications and installation for that particular environment.

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