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18 to 21 July 2022




4 Days

About the Course

This interactive masterclass offers an expert overview of the current issues and developing trends in Waste to Energy Projects including Plant Design & Finance.

Course participants will learn how to design locally adapted plants to generate profitable clean energy from waste while ensuring public health and environmental protection. They will be able to create a successful project concept addressing local parameters and issues, to develop the best case adapted design and chose the most appropriate technologies.

1. Basic Orientation:

What is solid waste and biomass waste, how they behave as fuels for combustion, gasification or fermentation, why and how plants differ, why incineration and waste to energy are not the same, how they differ in goals and technologies, how to combine both goals best.

2. Waste to Energy: the key quality parameters / issues of solid waste as fuel for power generation, main technologies , plant types & successful designs, Clean Power Maximum, what is it and how can it be reached, Emissions, their Control and Reduction, how to increase plant performance & lifetime.

3. Biomass to Energy:

The key quality parameters / issues in biomass as fuel: composition, energy, moisture , technology, plant types and successful designs, clean power maximum and how to reach it consistently, emissions, their control and reduction ( fluegas , flyash , bottom ash), how to increase performance and lifetime.

4. Plant Design as Factor for Project Success

How the project location influences project CAPEX, OPEX, Logistics, PPA, Permitting, how to create a successful basic concept, process flow and plant design, how to ensure consistent plant mass flow,

power output and emissions, how to specify and select technology, how to design performance testing

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