About Us

At The Bluenergy, we don't believe you just need more knowledge. We believe in partnering you to power your strategy with the knowledge we have.


We offer comprehensive customised Seminars, Workshops, Short Courses & Training programmes to the energy sector.


Our dedicated experts deliver specialised training programmes to our valuable clients. Keeping our clientele abreast on the latest technology of the fast-paced evolving power sector.


We are dedicated to sharpening the clients’ skills and improve their performance to increase their productivity.


Powering Knowledge


Online Learning

Gain skills, and build your team's education, all without the cost of travel, hotel, and days out of the office. Our online courses bring live instructors to your workspace. Interact with like-minded industry practitioners, ask questions, and get real-time results. Learn online.

Online Workshop
Fixing Electricity Lines

Technical Tours

There is no better way to learn than experiential learning. On a study tour, participants will engage with organisations and fellow industry peers. Participants are able to make references and benchmark against their own workplace.


Face to Face

Meet our expert in a set place for a set time, and benefit with a combination of different ways of learning including writing, reading, discussion, presentations, projects, group work, film clips, demonstration, and practice.